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Reputation Management


It should come as no surprise that Internet reviews influence how consumers make decisions about which restaurants to frequent, which hotels to stay at and which contractors to use.   The Internet’s influence was highlighted in a 2011 Harvard Business School Study which found that a one-star improvement on Yelp led to a 5-9% jump in revenue for the rated business.  Provided the importance of online reviews, it is critical that businesses actively manage and monitor their online reputation.  However, it is an inevitable that a business will experience a negative online review.

Negative reviews should be addressed.  For legitimate negative reviews, the reviewed business should be responsive to criticism and explain how it will address the feedback.  Online reviews that are false or misleading and lead to a downturn in business must be taken very seriously.  Our attorneys at RMFMC&B represent businesses of all kinds, from doctors to contractors, who have been the victims of malicious and untrue online reviews.  Our attorneys aggressively pursue those who publish false posts and seek the removal of such content from the Internet.

Online reputation concerns are not limited to businesses.  It is increasingly important for individuals to also manage the content that appears on the Internet about themselves.  Whether you are applying to college or for a job, what appears online about you is often the first impression that you will make.  Therefore, just like any business, individuals should be monitoring and crafting their online reputations.  If you are the victim of false or defamatory content or the victim of damaging online content, such as nonconsensual sexual photographs (revenge porn) or Internet harassment, contact our office to see how we can help you.